More fun with fractions

Emilee had 15 stickers. She gave 1/3 of her collection to Kelsey.

  1. How many stickers did Kelsey get?
  2. How many stickers does Emilee have now?

Write a number sentence to show your working out for Q 2.



Homework due this Friday the 24th of November

Mrs H     : )

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Fiction Reading Response

Dear 3/4 H

This week we will finish reading Running with the Horses by Alison Lester.

Here are two questions for you about the book:

  1. Nina loves her horse Zelda. What evidence is there in the book to show this?

2. Did you enjoy this story? Give your reasons why or why not.

Due this Friday the 17th November

Mrs H : )


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Fantastic fractions!

Dear 3/4H,

You have been working hard to improve your understanding of fractions.

Answer these questions:

  1. What is a fraction?
  2. Which is larger? 1/2 or 1/4.
  3. Prove your answer.

Homework due next Monday the 13th of November.

Mrs H : )

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Fiction Reading Response

Dear 3/4H

We have been reading Running with the Horses by Alison Lester.


Are you wondering, like me, what happens at the end of Nina’s journey?

Write four wonderings for homework this week. They could be about the author’s message, the setting, the characters or the story.

Due Friday the 3rd of November. House points will be awarded for doing this on the blogpage!

Mrs H : )

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Camp Coolamatong

We have had a marvellous time at camp!

1.What was the message that we learned from the camp leaders?

2.Which activity on camp helped you to practice it?

Mrs H : )

If you didnt come with us, read for one extra night this week!


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AREA problem

A farmer had an area of land that she divided into four square paddocks of equal size.

  1. If one of the paddocks had sides of 20 metres, what is the area of the whole piece of land?

HINT: Draw a diagram, use multiplication and addition.

2. The farmer had 100 sheep, how many would go in each paddock if she shared them out equally?


Homework due this Friday the 15th of September

Mrs H : )




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Reading Response

HOMEWORK due this Friday 8/9

Dear 3/4H

Do you have a favourite book that you like to read again and again?

Tell me it’s name and why you like it so much!

When you were little, before you started school, what was your favourite book that someone read to you?

My favourite fairy tale was Cinderella and I loved my Disney book with pictures from the movie. This story has magic, a castle, lovely dresses, a wedding and they all live happily ever after! Wonderful!


Mrs H : )

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