It’s Expo Week!

Dear 3/4 H

You will be seeing a lot of work from all of the grades this week.

I would like you to find an interesting fact from another student in the 3/4 Unit

who has chosen a different topic to yours.

Visit them during Expo. Post it onto our blogpage.

It will be great to learn from one another this week.

Mrs H    : )

I hope you have a safe and happy winter holiday!




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Non-Fiction Reading Response

Dear 3/4 H

Your homework is response no 2 in your folder:

  1. Book Title
  2. Read one chapter or section of the book.
  3. What did you find interesting?

Homework due this Friday the 23rd of June.

PS. Remember to read at home three times a week!

Mrs H

: )


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This week we will be finding rhyming words.

Choose ONE of these words and find five words that rhyme with it-

learn          hurt           other          word

What sound do these words have in common?

Homework due Friday the 16th June.

Mrs H     : )



Mrs H



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FICTION Reading Response

Dear 3/4 H

Using the response questions in your homework folder your questions this week are:

What is the setting of the story? (time and place)

How do you know? (What is the evidence from the text?)

Please include the book title!


Mrs H : )


forest photo



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A quadrilateral is

a flat shape with four straight sides.
1. Can you name any four quadrilaterals?
2. Quad means four. Can you find three other words that have the prefix quad?
HOMEWORK due this Friday the 2nd of June.
Mrs H : )
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Dear 3/4 H

We have been talking about the value of excellence.

It is about doing your best and making goals in order to improve.

Write down one goal for your work and one goal for your behaviour while you are at school for the rest of this term.

Think about goals that will help you to improve in the two areas. Work goals could be about neatness, finishing tasks, Inquiry, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Maths.

Behaviour goals could be about lining up, coming to school on time, waiting for your turn to speak, etc.

Remember, we all learn everyday and no-one is perfect!

Homework due this Friday the 12th of May.

Mrs H   : )                           is

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Getting into shape!

  • A polygon is a two dimensional shape with three or more straight sides.

1.Can you tell me how many sides these polygons have?





2. Explain how a rhombus is different from a rectangle.

RECTANGLE                                               RHOMBUS

Homework due Monday the 8th of May

Mrs H    : )

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